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Care of the plant Aloe suprafoliata or Book aloe.

Care of the succulent plant Aloe suprafoliata or Book aloe

The genus Aloe is included in the subfamily Asphodeloideae (family Xanthorrhoeaceae), which comprises about 500 species of succulent plants native to Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East. Some species are: Aloe suprafoliata, Aloe striata, Aloe plicatilis, Aloe mitriformis, Aloe marlothii, Aloe maculata, Aloe juvenna, Aloe ferox, Aloe ciliaris, Aloe barberae, Aloe aristata, Aloe arborescens, Aloe aculeata, Aloe variegata, Aloe vera, Aloe x spinosissima, Aloe thraskii, Aloe tenuiorAloe esculenta.

Common name: Book aloe. This species is native to South Africa.

They are succulent plants that in their juvenile phase have leaves in a dystical arrangement (one on top of the other in rows of two) and over time develop a rosette. The leaves are long (up to 40 cm/1.31 feet), grayish green in color and have small brown teeth on the margin. The beautiful and showy red or pink flowers appear on silver floral stems. They bloom in winter.

They have a slow growth and are used in pots, in rockeries or on sunny and dry slopes.

Aloe suprafoliata prefers light shade exposure although it can grow in full sun. In winter they should remain at 5-10 ºC (41-50 ºF) during the resting period.

The most important thing is that the soil drains well; They can be grown on poor, rocky, sandy terrain. Potting is done in the spring.

Water moderately in spring and summer considering that they resist drought very well. When winter arrives, irrigation is suspended.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer for cacti and succulents once in spring and again in summer.

Prune withered flower stems and dry or damaged leaves when flowering is complete.

They can present fungal diseases if there is excess humidity.

They propagate from seeds sown in a seedbed at about 18-20 ºC (64-68 ºF) or by rooting the previously dried suckers for a week in a place without direct sunlight.

Images of the succulent plant Aloe suprafoliata or Book aloe

Aloe suprafoliata
Aloe suprafoliata