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Care of the plant Aloe plicatilis or Fan-aloe.

Care of the succulent plant Aloe plicatilis or Fan-aloe

The genus Aloe is included in the subfamily Asphodeloideae (family Xanthorrhoeaceae), which comprises about 500 species of succulent plants native to Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East. Some species are: Aloe plicatilis, Aloe mitriformis, Aloe marlothii, Aloe maculata, Aloe juvenna, Aloe ferox, Aloe ciliaris, Aloe barberae, Aloe aristata, Aloe arborescens, Aloe aculeata, Aloe variegata, Aloe striata, Aloe vera, Aloe x spinosissima, Aloe thraskii, Aloe tenuior, Aloe suprafoliataAloe esculenta.

Common name: Fan-aloe. This species is native to Western Cape in South Africa.

They are succulent plants with highly branched bushes that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height (they acquire an arboreal bearing). The leaves, bluish-green or grayish in color with a rounded apex, are arranged in a beautiful symmetrical ensemble. The flowers, red or pink, emerge in long inflorescences and are about 5 cm (1.96") long. They bloom from late winter to mid-spring.

These very slow growing plants are used to form groups, for cactus and succulent gardens, for rockeries or as isolated specimens. Young specimens can be grown in pots.

The ideal exposure is half shade but they can be grown in full sun. A winter rest period is convenient without the temperature falling below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil has to drain well for which it is used to use a mixture, in equal parts, of coarse sand and very decomposed leaf mulch.

Water regularly in summer but waiting for the soil surface to dry at least. The rest of the year reduce watering until it is suspended in winter.

Fertilize in the fall with compost.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They propagate by division in autumn or from seeds sown in spring.

Images of the succulent plant Aloe plicatilis or Fan-aloe

Aloe plicatilis
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe plicatilis