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Care of the plant Aloe marlothii or Mountain aloe.

Care of the succulent plant Aloe marlothii or Mountain aloe

The genus Aloe is included in the subfamily Asphodeloideae (family Xanthorrhoeaceae), which comprises about 500 species of succulent plants native to Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East. Some species are: Aloe marlothii, Aloe maculata, Aloe juvenna, Aloe ferox, Aloe ciliaris, Aloe barberae, Aloe aristata, Aloe arborescens, Aloe aculeata, Aloe variegata, Aloe striata, Aloe vera, Aloe x spinosissima, Aloe mitriformis, Aloe plicatilis, Aloe thraskii, Aloe tenuior, Aloe suprafoliataAloe esculenta.

Common names: Mountain aloe, Flat-flowered aloe. This species is native to southern Africa.

They are succulent plants that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) high. The leaves are lanceolate and their edges are covered with hard teeth: they are about 50 cm (19.68") long by 10 cm (3.93") wide. The flowers appear in long branched escapes and are yellowish or orange. They bloom in spring and are slow growing plants.

They are ideal plants for use in gardens with a Mediterranean climate.

Aloe marlothii needs full sun exposure and resists heat and even cold very well but not frost.

They can be grown in any type of well-drained soil.

Water abundantly in spring and summer (waiting for the soil to have dried); water sparingly the rest of the year.

They are not usually affected by diseases and pests.

They can propagate from seeds or by division of the shoots.

Images of the succulent plant Aloe marlothii or Mountain aloe

Aloe marlothii
Aloe marlothii
Aloe marlothii