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Care of the plant Euphorbia inermis or Green crown.

Care of the succulent plant Euphorbia inermis or Green crown

The genus Euphorbia, family Euphorbiaceae, includes 2,000 species of succulents, trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants of cosmopolitan distribution. Some species are: Euphorbia inermis, Euphorbia lomeliiEuphorbia horrida, Euphorbia heptagona, Euphorbia handiensis, Euphorbia grandicornis, Euphorbia flanaganii, Euphorbia enterophora, Euphorbia enopla, Euphorbia echinus, Euphorbia cotinifolia, Euphorbia coerulescens, Euphorbia characias, Euphorbia candelabrum, Euphorbia canariensis, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Euphorbia resinifera, Euphorbia milii, Euphorbia tithymaloides, Euphorbia regis-jubae, Euphorbia royleana, Euphorbia trigona, Euphorbia bivonae, Euphorbia rigida, Euphorbia handiensis, Euphorbia balsamifera, Euphorbia leucocephala.

Common names: Green crown, Medusa's head. This species is native to South Africa.

They are cactiform succulent plants with an underground stem that reach 20 cm (7.87") in height. The branches, green in color and with spineless tubers, have an arrangement that looks like the head of the mythical Medusa. They have tiny, rudimentary 1 mm (0.04") leaves. The flowers have no ornamental interest. They bloom in spring and summer.

They are used in pots and planters that are deeper than they are wide because they have a tuberous root. They are also used in rockery and in cactus and succulent gardens.

Euphorbia inermis can grow in full sun or semi-shade exposure. They do not resist frost.

The soil can be a mixture of volcanic sand with blonde peat or a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand. Transplant every 2 years in spring.

Water regularly waiting for the soil to be almost dry. They are less resistant to drought than other cactus euphorbia. In winter reduce the risks a lot.

Fertilize in summer with mineral fertilizer for cacti every 3 weeks.

They do not need pruning.

They are resistant to pests but sensitive to fungal diseases due to excess humidity.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings (beware of irritating latex) that are left to dry for 3-4 days before rooting.

Images of the succulent plant Euphorbia inermis or Green crown

Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia inermis