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Care of the plant Zantedeschia rehmannii or Calla Lily Indoors.

Care of the rhizomatous plant Zantedeschia rehmannii or Calla Lily Indoors

The genus Zantedeschia, family Araceae, includes 8 species of rhizomatous herbaceous plants native to Africa. Some species are: Zantedeschia rehmannii, Zantedeschia elliottiana, Zantedeschia albomaculata, Zantedeschia aethiopica, Zantedeschia odorata.

Common names: Pink arum lily, Calla Lily Indoors, Pink calla lily, Red calla lily. This species is native to South Africa.

They are rhizomatous herbaceous plants that reach 60 cm (23.6") in height. The leaves are large, tapered and deep green (sometimes with white spots). The flowers are shaped like a rolled bell and are pink. They can bloom all year round except winter.

They are used in ponds and water gardens, in pots as indoor and greenhouse plants, and to form clumps in understory.

Zantedeschia rehmannii needs semi-shade or shade exposure and a warm or temperate climate. It's better not to expose them to less than 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil must contain abundant organic matter and be well drained. The planting is done in spring.

Water regularly in spring and summer at a rate of 3 times a week with lime-free water. They do not resist drought.

Fertilize with compost in early spring.

Prune flowers and leaves that have withered.

They are prone to attack by bacteria that can rot the rhizome; they should be kept dry during winter.

They propagate easily by division of the suckers that sprout from the rhizome.

Images of the rhizomatous plant Zantedeschia rehmannii or Calla Lily Indoors

Zantedeschia rehmannii
Zantedeschia rehmannii
Zantedeschia rehmannii