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Care of the plant Fortunella japonica or Round Kumquat.

Care of the tree Fortunella japonica or Round Kumquat

The genus Fortunella, family Rutaceae, includes 4 species of trees and shrubs native to Japan and China. The species are: Fortunella japonica, Fortunella hindsii, Fortunella polyandra, Fortunella margarita.

Common names: Round Kumquat, Cumquat. This species is native to China.

They are shrubs or small trees with bright oval and aromatic evergreen leaves. They produce scented fleshy white flowers. They bloom in summer. The fruits are edible both fresh and in jams.

They are used in warm climate gardens and in pots in temperate climates for winter storage. They are also grown as fruit trees.

Fortunella japonica needs full sun exposure and not too high temperatures. Cold slows growth.

The soil must drain well (1/3 sand) and be soft and rich in organic matter. The planting is done in spring.

Water at a rate of 2 liters (0.5 galon) of water per specimen every 15 days. They do not resist prolonged drought or excess water.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 15 days in the flowering season.

They can be attacked by mites if the drought is prolonged.

Propagation is not easy because it's done by grafting on the Poncirus trifoliata species; reproduction by seeds is a rather slow process. It's advisable to buy new specimens in garden centers, nurseries and plant stores.

Images of the tree Fortunella japonica or Round Kumquat

Fortunella japonica
Fortunella japonica
Fortunella japonica