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Care of the plant Duranta repens or Golden dewdrop.

Care of the shrub Duranta repens or Golden dewdrop

The genus Duranta, family Verbenaceae, includes 20 species of shrubs native to the American continent. Some species are: Duranta repens, Duranta mutisii, Duranta serratifolia, Duranta dombeyana.

Common names: Golden dewdrop, Pigeon berry, Skyflower. This species is native from Mexico to South America and the Caribbean.

They are highly branched evergreen shrubs that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. They have opposite leaves, elliptical in shape and intense green color; there are varieties of green and yellow leaves. The flowers appear in clusters and can be white, blue, lilac or purple. They bloom in spring and summer. Its orange fruits are quite decorative (they are toxic if ingested).

They are used to form hedges, as isolated specimens or in bushy groups. They are suitable plants for growing in large pots on terraces and patios.

Duranta repens needs full sun exposure; it can grow in semi-shade but flowers less. They resist occasional frosts.

Water moderately, waiting for the substrate to dry.

Prune lightly in late winter to strengthen the plant and maintain a rounded appearance.

Fertilize at the end of winter with manure and in spring and summer with mineral fertilizer (every 20 days) to promote flowering.

They are resistant plants to the habitual plagues; avoid overwatering.

They propagate at the end of summer by cuttings or in spring by seeds.

Images of the shrub Duranta repens or Golden dewdrop

Duranta erecta Golden Edge
Duranta erecta Golden Edge
Duranta repens
Duranta repens
Duranta repens
Duranta repens
Duranta repens