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Care of the plant Aeonium percarneum or Sempervivum percarneum.

Care of the succulent plant Aeonium percarneum or Sempervivum percarneum

The genus Aeonium, of the Crassulaceae family, comprises 75 species of succulent plants native to the Canary Islands, Madeira, East Africa and Morocco. Some species are: Aeonium percarneum, Aeonium mascaense, Aeonium haworthii, Aeonium glutinosum, Aeonium canariense, Aeonium arboreum, Aeonium undulatum, Aeonium spathulatum, Aeonium sedifolium, Aeonium virgineum.

Scientific synonyms: Sempervivum percarneum, Aldasorea percarnea. This species is native to Canary Islands.

They are bushy succulent plants with large rosettes of leaves up to 30 cm (11.81") in diameter. The leaves are spatulate in shape, light green in color and have a jagged, reddish rim. The flowers are star-shaped and arise in inflorescences above the leaves and can be white or pink. Flowering rosettes usually die after flowering but the plant tends to branch out and produce more rosettes.

They are used in pots, to form groups in the garden, as isolated specimens or in rockeries. They are ideal plants for Mediterranean coastal gardens.

Aeonium percarneum can be grown in full sun or half shade exposure; in Mediterranean climates with very hot summers it is better to place them in semi-shade. They do not tolerate frost or like the cold, so the winter temperature should be around 9 ºC (48.20 ºF) at least.

They can grow in any soil that has good drainage. Potting is done in early spring.

Although they are very resistant to drought, the environment should not be very dry; Irrigation will be moderate waiting until the soil has dried well before watering. If they need water they indicate it by closing the leaves of the rosette. In winter it is not necessary to water them if they are outdoors; in pot they will be watered 1 time a month.

They do not need fertilizations.

They can be pruned to remove withered flowers.

They are sensitive to fungal attack if there is excess watering or moisture and mealybugs if the environment is too dry.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or by cuttings also made in spring.

Images of the succulent plant Aeonium percarneum or Sempervivum percarneum

Aeonium percarneum
Aeonium percarneum
Aeonium percarneum
Aeonium percarneum
Aeonium percarneum