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Care of the plant Aeonium canariense or Canary aeonium.

Care of the succulent plant Aeonium canariense or Canary aeonium

The genus Aeonium, of the Crassulaceae family, comprises 75 species of succulent plants native to the Canary Islands (mostly), Madeira, East Africa and Morocco. Some species are: Aeonium canariense, Aeonium arboreum, Aeonium glutinosum, Aeonium mascaense, Aeonium percarneum, Aeonium haworthii, Aeonium undulatum, Aeonium spathulatum, Aeonium sedifolium, Aeonium virgineum.

Common name: Canary aeonium. This species is native to Canary Islands.

They are succulent plants with an erect bearing (they do not tend to branch) and showy rosettes of leaves (up to 20 cm/7.87" in diameter) that reach 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height. The leaves are fleshy, soft to the touch, bright green in color and spatulate in shape. The flowers are small and appear above the leaves in white or greenish bouquets. They bloom in spring and part of the summer.

Aeonium canariense is used in rockeries, on borders, in pots or in cactus and succulent gardens.

Canary aeonium is a low maintenance and easy to grow plant that can be grown in full sun or semi-shade exposure. They do not tolerate frost.

It's important that the soil is well drained since they usually live in poor, sandy soil.

Canary aeonium is very resistant to drought plants, so watering will be moderate in spring and summer (wait until the soil is very dry) and almost nil in winter.

Aeonium canariense will appreciate a light fertilization in late winter with compost.

The only pruning they need is the removal of the withered leaves.

Aeonium canariense resists the usual pests well but not the fungal diseases that can appear if there is excess watering or humidity.

Canary aeonium can be propagated by seeds sown in summer or by cuttings by cutting a rosette with a piece of stem (if it has aerial roots better) and rooting it in sand.

Images of the succulent plant Aeonium canariense or Canary aeonium

Aeonium canariense
Aeonium canariense
Aeonium canariense subplanum