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Care of the climbing plant Senecio macroglossus or Natal ivy.

Care of the climbing plant Senecio macroglossus or Natal ivy

The genus Senecio, family Asteraceae, includes more than 6,000 species of succulents, shrubs, climbers, perennials, and aquatic plants. Some species are: Senecio macroglossus, Senecio mandraliscae, Senecio kleinia, Senecio cruentus, Senecio barbertonicus, Senecio angulatus, Senecio stapeliiformis, Senecio serpens, Senecio elegans, Senecio bicolor, Senecio mikanioides, Senecio jacobsenii, Senecio scaposus, Senecio pseudolongifolius, Senecio compactus, Senecio petasitis, Senecio rowleyanus.

Common names: Natal ivy, Marguerite ivy, Climbing senecio, Flowering Ivy or Cape Ivy or Wax ivy. This species is native to southern Africa.

They are perennial and succulent climbing plants that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. The fleshy triangular leaves are glossy green (variegated leaf varieties exist); leaves are lemon scented if broken. The large, pale yellow flowers resemble daisies. They bloom in spring and summer.

They are used to cover fences and pergolas, to cover slopes and walls, in pots for patios and terraces and as indoor and greenhouse plants in hanging baskets. They need supports to climb.

Senecio macroglossus prefers semi-shade exposure in Mediterranean climates and full sun exposure in more temperate climates. It resists occasional frosts down to -1 ºC (30.2 ºF).

The soil can be normal well-drained garden soil with coarse sand and containing leaf mulch or compost; they also grow in poorer and slightly alkaline soils.

Water moderately in spring and in summer, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. In winter water very little.

Fertilize once a month in spring and in summer with mineral fertilizer for succulent plants.

Lightly prune in late winter to control growth.

They are plants quite resistant to the usual pests and diseases but sensitive to cold, excess humidity and poor ventilation if grown indoors.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring or summer and by cuttings in any season of the year.

Images of the climbing plant Senecio macroglossus or Natal ivy

Senecio macroglossus
Senecio macroglossus
Senecio macroglossus