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Care of the plant Senecio cruentus or Cineraria.

Care of the plant Senecio cruentus or Cineraria

The genus Senecio, family Asteraceae, comprises 1,600 species of herbaceous succulent plants and shrubs distributed over all continents. Some species are: Senecio cruentus, Senecio barbertonicus, Senecio angulatus, Senecio mandraliscae, Senecio stapeliiformis, Senecio serpens, Senecio kleinia, Senecio elegans, Senecio pseudolongifolius, Senecio bicolor, Senecio mikanioides, Senecio jacobsenii, Senecio scaposus, Senecio macroglossus, Senecio compactus, Senecio petasitis, Senecio rowleyanus.

Common names: Canary Islands Candle Plant, Candle Plant, Mountain Grass. This species is native to the Canary Islands.

They are herbaceous plants that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, with serrated margins, dark green or greyish green. The flowers appear in compact inflorescences and are similar to Daisies; They can be red, blue, lilac, white, maroon, etc. They bloom in spring.

They are used in borders and in flowerbeds, in pots for patios and terraces and as indoor or greenhouse plants. They do not withstand long indoor environments that are generally too hot and dry.

Senecio cruentus prefers a semi-shade exposure receiving direct sun in the early hours of the morning.

The soil should be light, well drained, and contain organic matter.

Water regularly, waiting for the soil to dry out. Do not wet the flowers when watering the plant.

They are sensitive plants to the attack of powdery mildew if there is excess of irrigation.

They are propagated by seeds sown in autumn but it's not a simple process. It's advisable to buy plants about to bloom.

Images of the plant Senecio cruentus or Cineraria

Senecio cruentus
Senecio cruentus
Senecio cruentus
Senecio cruentus
Senecio cruentus
Senecio cruentus