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Care of the plant Tradescantia spathacea or Moses in a Basket.

Care of the indoor plant Tradescantia spathacea or Moses in a Basket

The genus Tradescantia, family Commelinaceae, comprises 30 species of herbaceous and perennial plants native to the American continent. Some species are: Tradescantia spathacea, Tradescantia sillamontana, Tradescantia pallida, Tradescantia multiflora, Tradescantia zebrina, Tradescantia fluminensis, Tradescantia albiflora, Tradescantia brevicaulis.

Common names: Moses in a Basket, Oyster Plant, Boat lily, Moses-in-the-cradle. This species is native to Southern Mexico and Central America.

They are perennial and herbaceous plants with decorative concave and erect leaves that are arranged in a rosette on the short stem and are green on the upper side and purple on the underside. The flowers have no ornamental interest and are white or bluish and appear at the base of the leaves.

They are used as indoor or greenhouse plants; in tropical and subtropical climates they are used as coverings in understory. It's a poisonous plant by ingestion.

Tradescantia spathacea needs a light exposure but without direct sun, an average annual temperature of 20 ºC (68 ºF) and high humidity (spray frequently if the environment is dry). They do not resist frost.

The soil can be normal garden soil with abundant organic matter.

Water frequently so that the soil is always slightly damp (never water); in winter reduce watering.

They can be lightly pruned to keep them compact.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer during spring and summer.

They are quite resistant to pests if the humidity is high. If there is excess watering they can be attacked by fungi.

They are propagated from seeds or by lateral cuttings.

Images of the indoor plant Tradescantia spathacea or Moses in a Basket

Tradescantia spathacea
Tradescantia spathacea
Tradescantia spathacea