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Care of the plant Lychnis coronaria or Rose campion.

Care of the plant Lychnis coronaria or Rose campion

The genus Lychnis, family Caryophyllaceae, comprises 30 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants native to Asia and Europe. Some species are: Lychnis coronaria, Lychnis coeli-rosa, Lychnis coronata, Lychnis flos-cuculi, Lychnis chalcedonica, Lychnis flos-jovis.

Common names: Rose campion, Bridget-in-her-bravery, Corn rose, Crown of the field, Dusty miller, Garland flower, Mullein pink, Pink mullein, Red bird's eye. This species is native to Europe.

They are erect perennial herbaceous plants that reach 80 cm (31.5") in height. They have greyish-green leaves, whole, simple, opposite and with silver hairs. The showy flowers appear solitary or in clusters and have 5 intense pink, red or white petals.

They are used in rockeries, in groups (25 cm/9.84" between plants) and in pots. They are ideal for coastal gardens due to their resistance to salinity.

Lychnis coronaria needs full sun or semi-shade exposure.

The soil can be a normal garden substrate with 1/4 coarse sand. They resist calcareous soils.

Water frequently (every 2 days) with little amount of water; water enough so that the substrate is fresh, never waterlogged.

Prune withered flowers.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer from mid-spring to mid-autumn. They are usually grown as biannuals.

They propagate from seeds sown in late summer or by separation of lateral shoots in early spring.

Images of the plant Lychnis coronaria or Rose campion

Lychnis coronaria
Lychnis coronaria
Lychnis coronaria
Lychnis coronaria