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Care of the plant Lysimachia congestiflora or Golden globes.

Care of the plant Lysimachia congestiflora or Golden globes

The genus Lysimachia, family Primulaceae, comprises 150 species of annuals, perennials, and subshrubs native to North America and Eurasia. Some species are: Lysimachia congestiflora, Lysimachia punctata, Lysimachia nummularia, Lysimachia clethroides, Lysimachia vulgaris, Lysimachia ciliata, Lysimachia atropurpura, Lysimachia henryi.

Common names: Moneywort, Creeping jenny, Golden globes. This species is native to China.

They are perennial herbaceous plants with a creeping bearing that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. The leaves appear in opposite pairs, are oval in shape and have the entire edge. The interesting yellow flowers appear in the axils of the leaves singly or in groups. They bloom during the summer.

They are used in wet areas of the garden, on rockeries, on edges, in undergrowth, next to ponds and to cover slopes and low walls.

Lysimachia congestiflora needs a semi-shade exposure; It can grow in direct sun in not very hot summer climates. The average annual optimum temperature is 15-25 ºC (59-77 ºF).

The soil should be of medium consistency and somewhat clayey to retain some water. The final planting will take place in autumn or spring.

Water every day with a small amount of water throughout the year (except in winter) so that the substrate is always humid but never flooded.

Fertilize weekly from late spring to late fall with mineral fertilizer.

Prune withered inflorescences.

They are quite resistant plants to pests and diseases.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or by division in spring or fall.

Images of the plant Lysimachia congestiflora or Golden globes

Lysimachia congestiflora
Lysimachia congestiflora
Lysimachia congestiflora