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Care of the plant Luzula nivea or Snow rush.

Care of the plant Luzula nivea or Snow rush

The Luzula genus, Juncaceae family, includes about 80 species of herbaceous plants distributed in temperate regions around the world. Some species are: Luzula nivea, Luzula campestris, Luzula lactea, Luzula forsteri, Luzula spicata.

Common names: Snow rush, Snowy wood rush, Snow-white wood-rush, Lesser wood-rush.

They are perennial herbaceous plants that reach 60 cm (23.6") in height. The long and linear intense green leaves have white silky hairs on the margin. They produce flower stems above the leaves with small but showy white or pink flowers.

They are used in undergrowth, on edges and flowerbeds and along walls.

Luzula nivea grows best in partial or shaded exposures. If it is grown in full sun it will need more water.

They prefer well-drained soils containing organic matter but also grow in poor soils; it is important that drainage is excellent.

Water regularly so that the substrate is always slightly moist (never flood). They do not resist drought.

Fertilize with compost in the fall.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated from seed sown in spring or fall and by division in mid-spring or early summer.

Images of the plant Luzula nivea or Snow rush

Luzula nivea
Luzula nivea