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Care of the plant Agave filifera or Thread agave.

Care of the plant Agave filifera or Thread agave

The Agave genus, a subfamily of the Agavoideae, comprises some 300 species of succulent plants native to Mexico, Central America and the Southwest of the USA. Some species are: Agave filifera, Agave bracteosa, Agave attenuata, Agave americana, Agave stricta, Agave guadalajaranaAgave potatorum, Agave victoria-reginae, Agave striata, Agave ferox, Agave macroacantha, Agave sisalana, Agave ferdinandi-regis, Agave shawii, Agave parrasana, Agave parryi, Agave angustifolia, Agave vilmorinianaAgave univittataAgave impressaAgave lechuguillaAgave datylio.

Common name: Thread agave. This species is native to Mexico.

They are succulent plants that have a stemless rosette that reaches more than 50 cm (1.64 feet) in diameter. The leaves are deep green and have white filaments at the edges. The yellowish flowers emerge in a long inflorescence that reaches more than 2 meters (6.56 feet) high. They bloom in summer but the rosette of leaves dies.

Thread agave is used as isolated specimens in gardens or planted in pots.

Agave filifera needs exposure to full sun, although it tolerates light shade. It can withstand very light frosts but it is better that the temperature does not drop below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The ideal soil is a mixture, in equal parts, of leaf mulch, garden substrate and siliceous sand. If cultivated in a pot, the amount of garden substrate must be reduced.

The waterings will be abundant in summer (better to wait for the soil to dry) and they will be reduced until you eliminate them in winter. From spring on, water again moderately until summer.

Thread agave does not need fertilizer or pruning.

Agave filifera is not usually attacked by pests and diseases.

Thread agave can propagate from seeds or separate the shoots that appear at the base of the plant.

Images of the plant Agave filifera or Thread agave

Agave filifera
Agave filifera
Agave filifera
Agave filifera
Agave filifera