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Care of the plant Strelitzia alba or Strelitzia augusta.

Care of the rhizomatous plant Strelitzia alba or Strelitzia augusta

The genus Strelitzia, family Strelitziaceae, comprises 5 species of perennial plants native to southern Africa. The species are: Strelitzia alba, Strelitzia reginae, Strelitzia nicolai, Strelitzia caudata, Strelitzia juncea.

Common names: White-flowered wild banana, Cape wild banana. This species is native to South Africa.

They are rhizomatous plants of arboreal bearing that reach 10 meters (32.8 feet) in height. The large fasciculate leaves are over a meter in length and have pinkish-white axillary flowers 25 cm (9.84") long and similar in shape to the flowers of Strelitzia reginae. They bloom in summer.

These easy-to-grow plants are used to form small groups and as isolated specimens; They can be grown in large pots for terraces and patios.

Strelitzia alba needs direct or very bright sun exposure and warm temperatures; they do not resist frost.

The soil can be a mixture of garden soil with peat, coarse sand, manure, and leaf mulch. Transplant every 3 years in spring.

Water frequently while waiting for the soil surface to dry.

Fertilize in the fall with organic mineral fertilizer.

They do not need pruning but it's convenient to gradually remove the dry leaves.

They are quite resistant plants to pests and diseases.

They are propagated from the shoots they produce at the base that are rooted as cuttings.

Images of the rhizomatous plant Strelitzia alba or Strelitzia augusta

Strelitzia alba
Strelitzia alba
Strelitzia alba
Strelitzia alba