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Care of the plant Sternbergia lutea or Winter daffodil.

Care of the bulbous plant Sternbergia lutea or Winter daffodil

The genus Sternbergia, family Amaryllidaceae, includes 4 species of bulbous plants native to Europe and the Middle East. The species are: Sternbergia lutea, Sternbergia macrantha, Sternbergia colchiciflora and Sternbergia fischeriana.

Common names: Winter daffodil, Autumn daffodil, Yellow autumn crocus, Fall daffodil. This species is native to Western Mediterranean and Central Asia.

They are small bulbous herbaceous plants that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. They have narrow glossy and fleshy dark green leaves. The flowers appear solitary, are of an intense yellow color and are very similar in shape to those of saffron. They bloom in autumn.

They are used in rockeries, to create patches of color in lawns, in mixed borders, in understory under trees or shrubs, and in pots for terraces, balconies and patios. They can also be used as a cut flower for floral decorations.

Sternbergia lutea needs shade or semi-shade exposure.

The soil must be moist, soft and well drained; Mix 20% coarse sand to normal garden soil. The planting of the bulbs is done in summer.

Water regularly so that the soil never dries up completely (never flood).

Fertilize biweekly with liquid or powdered organic fertilizer from the planting of the bulbs to flowering.

They are easy to grow plants that do not usually present serious pest and disease problems.

They are propagated by division of bulbs in summer or from seeds sown in their final place in early spring.

Images of the bulbous plant Sternbergia lutea or Winter daffodil

Sternbergia lutea
Sternbergia lutea
Sternbergia lutea