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Care of the plant Spiraea salicifolia or Bridewort.

Care of the shrub Spiraea salicifolia or Bridewort

The genus Spiraea, family Rosaceae, comprises 100 species of shrubs native to Asia. Some species are: Spiraea salicifolia, Spiraea prunifolia, Spiraea japonica, Spiraea cantoniensis, Spiraea alba, Spiraea splendens, Spiraea x vanhouttei (hybrid).

Common names: Bridewort, Willowleaf meadowsweet. This species is native to Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

They are deciduous shrubs that reach 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height. The leaves are lanceolate, of an intense green color and with a serrated margin. The flowers are small, pink in color and appear in very showy panicles. They bloom in summer.

They are fast-growing plants that are used to form hedges, bushy groups, as isolated specimens and next to ponds.

Spiraea salicifolia prefers full sun exposure but also grows in semi-shade. They are plants for temperate climates that have good resistance to frost.

They grow in all types of soils except calcareous ones but prefer slightly clayey soils.

Water frequently so the soil never dries out completely.

Fertilize in autumn with manure or compost.

Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact appearance.

They are quite resistant plants to the usual diseases and pests.

They are propagated by division of the shoots from the base in early spring, from seeds sown in spring and by cuttings in summer.

Images of the shrub Spiraea salicifolia or Bridewort

Spiraea salicifolia
Spiraea salicifolia
Spiraea salicifolia