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Care of the plant Parodia haselbergii or Scarlet Ball Cactus.

Care of the cactus Parodia haselbergii or Scarlet Ball Cactus

The genus Parodia, family Cactaceae, comprises 50 species of cactus native to South America. Some species are: Parodia haselbergii, Parodia magnifica, Parodia leninghausii, Parodia concinna, Parodia werneri, Parodia mammulosa, Parodia nivosa, Parodia ottonis, Parodia penicillata.

Common name: Scarlet Ball Cactus. Scientific synonyms: Notocactus haselbergii, Brasilicactus haselbergii, Echinocactus haselbergii. This species is native to Brazil.

They are globular-bodied cacti that reach 12 cm (4.7") in height and 10 cm (3.93") in diameter. They have more than 30 ribs with small rounded tubercles. The small, woolly areoles have 20 whitish radial spines and 3-5 longer yellowish central spines. The attractive orange-red flowers are 1 cm (0.39") in diameter and appear on the top of the cactus. They bloom in spring.

They are used in pots and planters for terraces, windows, balconies and in mini gardens for cacti and succulents.

Parodia haselbergii grows in full sun or semi-shade exposures. They do not resist temperatures below 7 ºC (44.6 ºF).

The soil can be a commercial substrate for cacti. Due to their slow growth they are not usually transplanted.

Water moderately at the rate of once every 10 days in spring, every 6-7 days in summer and every 15-20 days in fall. In winter do not water.

Fertilize once with mineral cactus fertilizer in early spring.

They do not need pruning.

If there is no excess watering, they do not have disease and pest problems.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring but it's a slow process.

Images of the cactus Parodia haselbergii or Scarlet Ball Cactus

Parodia haselbergii
Parodia haselbergii
Parodia haselbergii