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Care of the plant Obregonia denegrii or Artichoke cactus.

Care of the cactus Obregonia denegrii or Artichoke cactus

Obregonia denegrii is the only species in the genus Obregonia, family Cacteae; It's a cactus native to Tamaulipas (Mexico).

Common name: Artichoke cactus. Scientific synonyms: Ariocarpus denegrii, Strombocactus denegrii.

They are curious slow-growing cacti that look like a conifer pineapple and reach 12 cm (4.7") in diameter. What look like rosette leaves are actually spirally arranged tubers. They have spines on the white areolas that are lost with age. White flowers appear on the woolly upper part of the plant. They bloom during the summer but until they are at least 7 years old they do not. Finally, the fruits appear, white and edible, among the woolly ones.

They are used in pots as indoor, greenhouse or patio and terrace plants.

Obregonia denegrii prefers a semi-shaded or shaded exposure; locate them facing east or southeast so that they receive sun early in the day. The winter temperature should not be less than 4 ºC (39.2 ºF).

They prefer a calcareous and well-drained soil; use a commercial cactus substrate.

Water regularly in spring and summer waiting for the substrate to have dried well; reduce watering in fall and do not water in winter.

They do not need fertilizers or pruning.

They generally do not suffer from pest attacks but are sensitive to overwatering.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring in the seedbed but their germination and growth are slow processes. You can try to graft on a columnar cactus but it's not always possible.

Images of the cactus Obregonia denegrii or Artichoke cactus

Obregonia denegrii
Obregonia denegrii
Obregonia denegrii