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Care of the plant Nuphar lutea or Yellow water-lily.

Care of the aquatic plant Nuphar lutea or Yellow water-lily

The genus Nuphar, family Nymphaeaceae, comprises 9 species of aquatic plants native to the Northern Hemisphere. Some species are: Nuphar lutea, Nuphar adverse, Nuphar japonicum, Nuphar pumila, Nuphar polysepalum.

Common names: Yellow water-lily, Brandy-bottle. This species is native to temperate regions of Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia.

They are rhizomatous plants with large bluish-green leaves and a rounded shape that grow floating in water or submerged. The showy solitary flowers are bright yellow. They bloom from late spring to late summer.

They are ideal plants for ponds or lakes; they go well with Eichornia, Nymphaea and Hosta.

The Nuphar lutea needs a bright exposure but without direct sun or semi-shade. Plant at a depth of 40-100 cm (15.7-39.3"). They resist cold but not frost.

The ideal soil is a natural muddy bottom; It can also be a mixture of garden soil, peat and leaf mulch (in equal parts); place the mixture in well matted baskets to which stones will be added so that they sink into the pond. The transplant or the planting in a definitive place is done in spring.

They do not need fertilizers if there are also fish in the pond.

Fishes can help fight some leaf-eating insects.

They are propagated by division, at 3 years of age, during the spring.

Images of the aquatic plant Nuphar lutea or Yellow water-lily

Nuphar lutea
Nuphar lutea
Nuphar lutea