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Care of the plant Heliconia bihai or Macaw flower.

Care of the indoor plant Heliconia bihai or Macaw flower

The genus Heliconia, family Musaceae, includes 100 species of tropical plants native to Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and India. Some species are: Heliconia bihai, Heliconia metallica, Heliconia latispatha, Heliconia rostrata, Heliconia schiedeana.

Common names: Red palulu, Macaw flower, Balisier. This species is native to South America.

They are perennial plants with large leathery leaves (up to 2 meters/6.65 feet in length) of bright green color. The curious flowers appear in groups of 8 and are usually red or red and yellow. They bloom from late winter to late fall. They are long-lived plants that can live 20 years and reach 4 meters in height.

They are used as indoor or greenhouse plants; outdoors they need a tropical climate (hot and humid). They are also widely used as cut flowers (they are cut when open): they can last almost 2 months.

Heliconia bihai needs a light exposure but without receiving direct sunlight. The average temperature should be 18-30 ºC (64-86 ºF).

The soil must be sandy and contain organic matter. Planting is done at the end of winter.

Water frequently so that the substrate is always damp (never water). They need a high humidity; spray the leaves from time to time with water without lime.

Fertilize once a year with manure in winter and in spring with mineral fertilizer every 15 days.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases; they are sensitive to drought and cold.

They propagate from seeds or by division of the plant.

Images of the indoor plant Heliconia bihai or Macaw flower

Heliconia bihai
Heliconia bihai
Heliconia bihai
Heliconia bihai
Heliconia rostrata
Heliconia schiedeana