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Care of the plant Ficus carica or Common fig.

Care of the tree Ficus carica or Common fig

The genus Ficus, family Moraceae, includes 900 species of trees, shrubs, and climbing plants. Some species are: Ficus carica, Ficus binnendijkii, Ficus deltoidea, Ficus elastica, Ficus salicaria, Ficus benjamina, Ficus lyrata, Ficus radicans, Ficus pumila, Ficus ingens, Ficus retusa, Ficus cyathistipula, Ficus rubiginosa.

Common names: Fig tree, Common fig. This species is native to the Middle East and western Asia.

They are trees with twisted branches and gray bark that reach 10 meters (32.8 feet) in height. They have large, gray-green, hand-shaped leaves that are rough to the touch and have hair on the underside. The flowers are not decorative. The fruits are figs, which are a nutritious food and have laxative properties.

They are used as fruit trees, as shade trees and as isolated specimens.

Ficus carica needs full sun exposure and high temperatures. They resist frost down to -7 ºC (19.4 ºF).

The ideal soil should be deep, cool, and contain compost or manure. The surface of the substrate around the tree should be plowed just before winter and in spring. Planting is done in autumn or early spring.

Water moderately, waiting for the substrate to dry. They are plants resistant to drought; produces better fruits if watered little.

Fertilize with manure at the time of planting. Fertilize 3 times with mineral fertilizer in spring every 15 days.

They do not resist pruning well.

They can be attacked by mealybugs, dipterans and other insects and by fungal diseases.

They propagate by woody cuttings in spring.

Images of the tree Ficus carica or Common fig

Ficus carica
Ficus carica
Ficus carica
Ficus carica