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Care of the plant Ferocactus robustus or Clump Barrel.

Care of the cactus Ferocactus robustus or Clump Barrel

The genus Ferocactus, family Cactaceae, comprises 30 species of large cacti native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. Some species are: Ferocactus robustus, Ferocactus peninsulae, Ferocactus latispinus, Ferocactus histrix, Ferocactus glaucescens, Ferocactus flavovirens, Ferocactus cylindraceus, Ferocactus alamosanus, Ferocactus schwarzii, Ferocactus hamatacanthus, Ferocactus emoryi, Ferocactus gracilis, Ferocactus stainesii, Ferocactus wislizenii.

Common names: Clump Barrel, Barrel Cactus. This species is native to South central Mexico.

They are globular or oval cacti that produce ramifications at the base and form colonies several meters wide. They have 8 sharp ribs with round areolas and yellowish radial spines; the central spines are flatter and have transverse striae. The flowers are yellow and funnel-shaped. They bloom in summer.

They are slow-growing cacti that are used in rockeries, in cactus and succulent gardens or in pots for patios, terraces or greenhouses.

The Ferocactus robustus needs full sun exposure and high temperatures. They resist occasional frosts if the soil is dry.

The soil can be a mixture of 65% siliceous sand and 35% leaf mulch. Transplant in spring if the pot is too small.

Water moderately waiting for the substrate to dry and leave a few days of drought. Do not water from mid-autumn to early spring.

Fertilize with mineral cactus fertilizer in mid-spring.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess humidity.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or by rooting of stems.

Images of the cactus Ferocactus robustus or Clump Barrel

Ferocactus robustus
Ferocactus robustus
Ferocactus robustus