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Care of the plant Eremophila laanii or Emu Bush.

Care of the shrub Eremophila laanii or Emu Bush

The genus Eremophila, family Scrophulariaceae, includes 250 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia. Some species are: Eremophila laanii, Eremophila glabra, Eremophila divaricata, Eremophila veronica, Eremophila compacta, Eremophila maculata.

Common name: Emu Bush.

They are shrubs or evergreen trees with hanging branches that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height. The leaves are 4 cm (1.57") long, linear, slightly wavy and light green. The axillary flowers are tubular in shape and can be pink or red. They bloom in summer and fall.

Emu Bush is used as isolated specimens, in bushy groups and in windbreaks. It's suitable for growing next to ponds or waterways.

Eremophila laanii prefers full sun exposure but can grow in semi-shade. It resists occasional low intensity frosts.

In their natural habitat they grow in clay soils but can be grown in any type of soil.

Emu Bush resists drought very well; water regularly waiting until the soil is almost dry.

Eremophila laanii does not need fertilizers.

Prune lightly in late winter to remove dry branches and maintain a compact demeanor.

Emu Bush is a plant very resistant to pests and diseases.

Eremophila laanii propagates by cuttings from shoots from the base or from branches.

Images of the shrub Eremophila laanii or Emu Bush

Eremophila laanii
Eremophila laanii
Eremophila laanii
Eremophila laanii
Eremophila laanii