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Care of the plant Dicksonia antarctica or Soft tree fern.

Care of the fern Dicksonia antarctica or Soft tree fern

The genus Dicksonia, family Dicksoniaceae, includes 20 species of ferns native to New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mexico, Central America, and Indonesia. Some species are: Dicksonia antarctica, Dicksonia sellowiana, Dicksonia arborescens, Dicksonia fibrosa, Dicksonia squarrosa.

Common names: Soft tree fern, Tasmanian tree fern, Australian tree fern, Man fern. This species is native to Tasmania, Australia.

They are slow-growing ferns that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height. The trunk is actually an erect rhizome; They have pretty, decorative, dark green fronds (leaves).

They are used in regions with a temperate-cool marine climate as isolated specimens or in groups of 2-3 specimens, always in shady areas of the garden.

Dicksonia antarctica needs shade exposure and should never be in direct sunlight; a very appropriate place is in the shade of dense trees. They resist frost.

The soil must be soft, cool and retain moisture; mix garden substrate, peat, and leaf mulch.

Irrigation must be frequent and abundant, especially in dry climate regions (Mediterranean climate); the soil can be flooded because they need high humidity.

They do not need pruning.

The worst enemy is the lack of water and the environmental dryness; they tolerate small periods of drought in the substrate.

They propagate spontaneously by spores; propagation is almost impossible for the amateur gardener.

Images of the fern Dicksonia antarctica or Soft tree fern

Dicksonia antarctica
Dicksonia antarctica
Dicksonia antarctica
Dicksonia antarctica