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Care of the plant Brugmansia arborea or Angel's trumpet.

Care of the shrub Brugmansia arborea or Angel's trumpet

The genus Brugmansia, family Solanaceae, comprises 7 species of shrubs or small trees native to Mexico, Central and South America. Some species are: Brugmansia arborea, Brugmansia aurea, Brugmansia sanguinea, Brugmansia suaveolens, Brugmansia versicolor.

Common names: Angel's trumpet, Tree Datura, Peruvian trumpets. This species is native to southern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, western Bolivia, and northern Chile.

They are large perennial shrubs that reach 7 meters (23 feet) in height (2 meters/6.56 feet in pot). They have large leaves (up to 30 cm/11.8" long) alternate, oval and with marked nerves. The large hanging flowers (20 cm/7.87" in length) are scented, trumpet-shaped and can be white or yellow in color. They can bloom from spring to fall.

They are used to form bushy groups, as isolated specimens (better next to a wall), to form screens and even in pots for terraces, patios, greenhouses or in very illuminated interiors. It is not appropriate for gardens where there are children since the whole plant is toxic by ingestion.

Brugmansia arborea needs direct sunlight or light shade exposure and warm temperatures. It does not resist frost or temperatures below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of garden substrate with 20% peat and 15% coarse sand. Transplant a larger size into a pot every 2 years.

Water moderately in spring and summer at the rate of 1 time a week; in autumn reduce watering to once every 10 days; in winter water every 2 weeks. If the summer is very hot, it is advisable to spray the leaves every day with lime-free water (indoors).

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 20 days in spring and summer.

Intensively prune branches with withered flowers once flowering is complete.

They can be attacked by whiteflies or mites.

They propagate by semi-mature cuttings but it's a complicated process. It's better to buy new specimens at garden centers or nurseries.

Images of the shrub Brugmansia arborea or Angel's trumpet

Brugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea
Brugmansia arborea