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Care of the plant Cydonia oblonga or Quince.

Care of the tree Cydonia oblonga or Quince

The genus Cydonia, family Rosaceae, includes a single one species of tree native to Asia: Cydonia oblonga.

Common name: Quince. This species is native to Asia.

They are small deciduous trees that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. The trunk is green with reddish tones. The leaves, oval in shape with tips, are dark green on the upper side and whitish and hairy on the underside. The aromatic flowers are white and have 5 petals. They bloom in late spring. The fruits are yellowish and pear-shaped (quinces).

They are used as fruit trees or in small gardens with a Mediterranean climate. It's important to mentor them when they are young to guide their growth. With its fruits, sweets and jams are made that have medicinal properties for intestinal conditions.

Cydonia oblonga needs full sun exposure; it should not be exposed to frost.

The ideal soil can be a clay and siliceous soil, cool and deep. In case of transplantation, it should be done at the end of winter or early spring.

Water once a week with two buckets of water; water around the plant as the roots spread horizontally.

Fertilize before planting with manure and mineral fertilizer; repeat fertilization every year in early spring.

Prune after collecting the fruits to remove dry branches.

They can be attacked by fungi if there is an excess of humidity.

The propagation of these trees is complicated; it's best to acquire new specimens at garden centers, nurseries or plant stores.

Images of the tree Cydonia oblonga or Quince

Cydonia oblonga
Cydonia oblonga
Cydonia oblonga
Cydonia oblonga
Cydonia oblonga