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Care of the plant Carex pendula or Pendulous sedge.

Care of the plant Carex pendula or Pendulous sedge

The genus Carex, family Cyperaceae, includes 1,000 species of perennial herbaceous plants distributed on all continents. Some species are: Carex pendula, Carex aurea, Carex caryophyllea, Carex flagellifera, Carex muskingumensis, Carex rosea.

Common names:Pendulous sedge, Weeping sedge, Hanging sedge, Drooping sedge. This species is native to Europe.

They are fast-growing herbaceous plants that reach 1.80 meters (5.9 feet) in height. They have long, tapered, dark green leaves. The graceful inflorescences are hanging spikes that remain on the plant until early fall. They bloom in spring.

They are used next to ponds and streams, in humid undergrowths and in shady and humid areas of the garden.

Carex pendula prefers a shaded or semi-shaded exposure; they can grow in full sun if grown in flooded land. They resist frosts down to -16 ºC (3.2 ºF) although they can lose their leaves.

They need moist soils and can be grown in flooded areas. It's important not to plant them more than 20 cm (7.87") deep in ponds; plant in early spring at the rate of 3-4 specimens per square meter.

Water frequently and abundantly so that the soil is always moist.

Fertilizers are not necessary.

Prune intensively in late winter when danger of frost has passed.

They are very resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

Images of the plant Carex pendula or Pendulous sedge

Carex pendula
Carex pendula
Carex pendula