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Care of the plant Asphodelus aestivus or Summer asphodel.

Care of the tuberous plant Asphodelus aestivus or Summer asphodel

The genus Asphodelus, family Asphodelaceae, comprises 15 species of tuberous root herbaceous plants native to the Mediterranean region and Asia. Some species are: Asphodelus aestivus, Asphodelus fistulosus, Asphodelus ramosus, Asphodelus albus, Asphodelus acaulis.

Common names: Silver rod, Summer asphodel, Common Asphodel. This species is native to Western Mediterranean.

They are rhizomatous herbaceous plants that reach 70 cm (2.29 feet) in height. They have thin linear leaves that meet in plumes. The pretty white (sometimes pink) flowers appear in clusters at the end of the flower stem; The dark-colored central nerve in the flowers is characteristic. They bloom in summer.

Silver rod is used to form groups in the lawn, for rockery and borders and as cut flower.

Asphodelus aestivus needs full or partial shade exposure.

The soil can be a garden substrate with peat (1/6) and sand (2/6). The transplant is done in spring.

Water regularly so that the soil is always moist but never puddled.

Fertilize in early spring with compost.

Summer asphodel is an easy to grow plant that are not usually attacked by pests and diseases.

Common Asphodel propagates easily in autumn or spring by division.

Images of the tuberous plant Asphodelus aestivus or Summer asphodel

Asphodelus aestivus
Asphodelus aestivus
Asphodelus aestivus