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Care of the plant Adromischus schuldtianus or Cotyledon schuldtiana.

Care of the plant Adromischus schuldtianus or Cotyledon schuldtiana

The Adromischus genus, from the Crassulaceae family, is made up of 30 species of succulent plants native to South Africa. Some species are: Adromischus schuldtianus, Adromischus cooperi, Adromischus mammillaris, Adromischus triflorus, Adromischus marianiae, Adromischus cristatus, Adromischus caryophyllaceus.

It's also known by the scientific name of Cotyledon schuldtiana.

They are succulent dwarf evergreen shrubs with tuberous roots that reach 7 cm (2.75") in height. They have fleshy leaves up to 4 cm in length. The flowers are white or pink, have no ornamental interest and appear on flower stems up to 40 cm (15.74") high on the leaves.

Due to their small size, Cotyledon schuldtiana is often used in pots as indoor, balcony or terrace plants or to create succulent mini-gardens.

Adromischus schuldtianus prefers illuminated exposure without receiving direct sunlight in the middle of the day. It is better to protect them in winter from temperatures below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture, in equal parts, of siliceous sand and leaf mulch; You can also use a commercial substrate for cacti and succulents.

Water moderately, waiting for the soil to dry completely before re-watering. In winter, water once a month at the most.

Cotyledon schuldtiana does not need pruning or special fertilizers but they can be lightly fertilized with mineral fertilizer for succulent plants in early spring.

Adromischus schuldtianus is an easy to grow plant that do not usually suffer from the usual pests and diseases but is sensitive to excess watering.

Propagation is made from seeds sown in the spring in sandy soil or through leaf cuttings in spring.

Images of the plant Adromischus schuldtianus or Cotyledon schuldtiana

Adromischus schuldtianus
Adromischus schuldtianus var. jutta...