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Care of the plant Satureja thymbra or Pink savory.

Care of the shrub Satureja thymbra or Pink savory

The genus Satureja, family Lamiaceae, includes about 30 species of annual and perennial aromatic plants native to the Mediterranean basin. Some species are: Satureja thymbra, Satureja hortensis, Satureja spicigera, Satureja montana.

Common names: Pink savory, Savory of Crete, Whorled savory, Roman hyssop, Thyme-Leaved Savory, Barrell Sweetner. This species is native to southeastern Europe.

They are evergreen shrubs with a rounded shape that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height. The small aromatic leaves are opposite, smooth and dark green in color. The abundant, scented flowers are pink or purple. They bloom in spring.

They are used on rockeries, on dry and sunny slopes, on borders and in gardens of aromatic plants.

Satureja thymbra needs full sun exposure and a hot, dry (Mediterranean) climate. They resist light and occasional frosts.

They grow in any type of soil that has good drainage; they prefer sandy soils.

Water moderately, waiting for the substrate to dry. They resist a few days of drought.

They do not need fertilizers.

They tolerate light pruning after flowering to maintain a compact appearance.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated by cuttings in summer and from seeds sown in spring. 

Images of the shrub Satureja thymbra or Pink savory

Satureja thymbra
Satureja thymbra
Satureja thymbra