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Care of the plant Vriesea carinata or Flaming Sword Plant.

Care of the indoor plant Vriesea carinata or Flaming Sword Plant

The genus Vriesea, family Bromeliaceae, includes more than 100 species of bromeliads native to tropical America. Some species are: Vriesea carinata, Vriesea splendens, Vriesea ensiformis, Vriesea procera, Vriesea regina.

Common name: Flaming sword plant. This species is native to Brazil.

They are epiphytic bromeliads that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height and 50 cm (19.68") in diameter. The leathery leaves, arched tapered and bright green, grow to form a basal rosette. From the center of the rosette arises the inflorescence in the form of a simple or branched spike with small tubular flowers. The yellow and / or red bracts are very decorative.

These tropical plants are used as indoor and greenhouse plants. In tropical regions they can be grown on walls and trees.

The Vriesea carinata needs a semi-shade exposure, with lots of light but no direct sun. The temperature should not be lower than 18-20 ºC (64-68 ºF) even at night. In hot climates they can be located outdoors in summer in a sheltered and shady place.

The soil can be a mixture of 1/3 houseplant substrate, 1/3 heather soil, and 1/3 coarse sand with leaf mulch. Transplantation is not usually necessary because they grow little.

Water with a glass of lime-free water a week in winter and autumn and twice a week in spring and summer. During the growing season the substrate should remain slightly damp and the central rosette with water. During the rest period, drain the water from the rosette. The humidity must be high: periodically spray the leaves with lime-free water.

Fertilize monthly with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants in spring and summer.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants resistant to pests but very sensitive to excess water in the roots, drought and excess direct sun.

They are propagated by separation of the suckers that grow at the base of the mother plant when it dies. Propagation from seed is very complicated.

Images of the indoor plant Vriesea carinata or Flaming Sword Plant

Vriesea carinata
Vriesea carinata