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Care of the plant Typha latifolia or Common cattail.

Care of the aquatic plant Typha latifolia or Common cattail

The genus Typha, family Typhaceae, comprises 30 species of perennial herbaceous plants native to the Northern Hemisphere. Some species are: Typha latifolia, Typha laxmannii, Typha minima, Typha domingensis, Typha angustifolia.

Common names: Common cattail, Common bulrush, Great reedmace, Cooper's reed. This species is native to North and South America, Eurasia, and Africa

They are rhizomatous plants with long linear leaves and long flower stalks that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. The flowers are very small, do not have petals and appear in characteristic brown spikes. They bloom in summer.

They are used in garden ponds but their expansion must be watched because they can become invasive; it's best to build a wall around it so that the rhizomes do not spread.

These plants need full sun or light shade exposure. The average annual temperature should be 15-25 ºC (59-77 ºF).

Plant in very moist soil or under water, preferably in spring or fall. If they grow in a pond, it's advisable to empty it every 3 years to replace nutrients in the substrate.

Fertilize with manure and mineral fertilizer at the time of planting.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They are propagated by division of rhizome in spring; plant 20 cm (7.87") deep.

Images of the aquatic plant Typha latifolia or Common cattail

Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia