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Care of the plant Tipuana tipu or Tipu tree.

Care of the tree Tipuana tipu or Tipu tree

The genus Tipuana, family Fabaceae, comprises 8 species of trees native to South America. Some species are: Tipuana tipu, Tipuana erythrocarpa, Tipuana mucronata, Tipuana auriculata.

Common names: Tipu tree, Tipa, Rosewood, Pride of Bolivia. This species is native to South America.

They are fast-growing trees with a wide crown that reach 18 meters (59 feet) in height. The leaves are odd-pinnate, semi-evergreen and light green. The interesting yellow flowers with reddish spots in the center appear in terminal racemes. They bloom in late spring and early summer. They produce fruits in the shape of samara.

They are used as shade trees in large gardens, in public parks and on streets. They combine very well with the Jacarandas due to the chromatic contrast of the flowers (in Barcelona you can see both species in the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia). Do not plant near buildings due to the strong aggressive roots of these plants.

The Tipuana tipu needs full sun or semi-shade exposure and warm temperatures. They resist occasional frosts.

They can grow in any normal garden soil and in limestone soils.

Water moderately throughout the year waiting for the soil to have completely dried; they resist drought.

Prune in late winter to keep it compact.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring.

Images of the tree Tipuana tipu or Tipu tree

Tipuana tipu
Tipuana tipu
Tipuana tipu
Tipuana tipu
Tipuana tipu
Tipuana tipu