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Care of the plant Oncidium or Dancing-lady orchid.

Care of the indoor plant Oncidium or Dancing-lady orchid

The genus Oncidium, family Orchidaceae, includes more than 300 species of orchids native to tropical America. Some species are: Oncidium hybridum, Oncidium splendidum, Oncidium amplificatum, Oncidium tigrinum, Oncidium kramerianum, Oncidium ochmatochilum.

Common names: Dancing-lady orchid, Golden shower orchid.

They are epiphytic orchids with pseudobulbs that reach 80 cm (2.62 feet) in height. The fleshy leaves are bright green. The flowers appear in clusters above the leaves and can be yellow, maroon, violet, or various colors; they can last several weeks. They can bloom up to 3 times a year.

They are used as indoor and greenhouse plants and as cut flowers to prepare floral decorations. In warm climate regions they can be grown on patios and terraces.

The Oncidium need an exposure to intense light but without direct sunlight; They can receive direct sun in the early hours of the morning. The temperature should be 25-30 ºC (77-86 ºF) in the warm season and 13-15 ºC (55-59 ºF) in the cold season. The ambient humidity must be at least 40%.

The soil can be a mixture of oak bark, sphagnum moss and osmunda (fern) fiber. Transplant each year in early spring.

Water regularly with water without lime, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. Place a plate of wet pebbles under the pot. In summer, spray the leaves with water without lime every day.

Fertilize once a month with mineral fertilizer for orchids in spring.

They are quite resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

Propagate by division at transplant time in early spring.

Images of the indoor plant Oncidium or Dancing-lady orchid

Oncidium hybridum
Oncidium hybridum
Oncidium hybridum