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Care of the plant Matucana polzii or Matucana aurantiaca subs polzii.

Care of the cactus Matucana polzii or Matucana aurantiaca subs polzii

The genus Matucana, family Cactaceae, includes about 20 species of cactus native to Peru. Some species are: Matucana polzii, Matucana weberbaueri, Matucana madisoniorum, Matucana intertexta, Matucana haynei, Matucana krahnii, Matucana auriantica.

Scientific synonyms: Matucana aurantiaca subs. polzii.

They are small cacti with a globose, dark green body that can produce suckers and can reach 5 cm (1.96") in height and 8 cm (3.14") in diameter. They have 9-16 rounded ribs, 6-12 curved radial spines, and 1-3 central spines 2.5 cm (0.98") long. The showy red flowers are up to 5 cm (1.96") in diameter. They produce brown oval shaped fruits.

Due to their small size they are used in pots for balconies, windows and terraces and in small cactus and succulent gardens.

The Matucana polzii needs full sun exposure and a hot, dry climate. They do not resist temperatures below 6 ºC (42.8 ºF).

The soil can be a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand or a mixture of garden soil, coarse siliceous sand and vermiculite in the same proportions.

Water moderately in spring and summer, waiting until the substrate has dried. Water very little in autumn and do not water in winter.

Fertilize once in spring with mineral fertilizer for cacti.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants sensitive to overwatering that causes root rot.

They are propagated by separating suckers and from seeds sown in spring.

Images of the cactus Matucana polzii or Matucana aurantiaca subs polzii

Matucana polzii