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Care of the plant Peperomia argyreia or Watermelon peperomia.

Care of the indoor plant Peperomia argyreia or Watermelon peperomia

The genus Peperomia, family Piperaceae, includes more than 1000 species of perennial plants native to tropical regions around the globe. Some species are: Peperomia argyreia, Peperomia angulata, Peperomia caperata, Peperomia magnoliifolia, Peperomia polybotrya, Peperomia obtusifolia, Peperomia axillaris, Peperomia dolabriformis.

Common names: Watermelon peperomia, Watermelon begonia. This species is native to Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

They are small tropical herbaceous plants with fleshy reddish stems that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. The attractive rounded leaves are silver in color with dark green veins and reminiscent of the shape of a watermelon. The flowers, if they produce them, are erect greenish-white spikes that are not decorative.

They are used as indoor and greenhouse plants; they are ideal for well-lit bathrooms. In summer they can be grown on patios and terraces avoiding full sun. They combine very well with other plants of the genus Peperomia.

Peperomia argyreia needs a light exposure without direct sun. It does not resist temperatures below 10 ºC (50 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of 1/3 commercial indoor plant substrate, 1/3 peat, and 1/3 perlite. Transplant in early spring if the roots show below the pot.

Water moderately with lime-free water, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry at the rate of once a week in spring and summer; in winter and autumn water every 2 weeks. They need high humidity: place a plate with damp pebbles under the pot and frequently spray the leaves with lime-free water in spring and summer.

Fertilize monthly with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants in spring and summer.

Prune withered flowers and dry leaves.

They are sensitive plants to the accumulation of water in the roots, to low environmental humidity (they are attacked by mites and mealybugs), to sudden changes in temperature and to drafts.

They are propagated in spring or early summer using leaf cuttings rooted in a glass of water.

Images of the indoor plant Peperomia argyreia or Watermelon peperomia

Peperomia argyreia