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Care of the plant Nematanthus gregarius or Clog plant.

Care of the indoor plant Nematanthus gregarius or Clog plant

The genus Nematanthus, family Gesneriaceae, includes 30 species of shrubs native to tropical America. Some species are: Nematanthus gregarius, Nematanthus crassifolius, Nematanthus strigillosus, Nematanthus fritschii.

Common names: Clog plant, Goldfish Plant, Pouch flower. Scientific synonym: Hypocyrta glabra. This species is native to Brazil.

They are short shrubs (similar to Columnea) that reach 70 cm (2.29 feet) in height. They have fleshy, glossy green leaves, oval in shape and opposite arrangement. The flowers are shaped like an inflated tube and can be orange, red or pink in color. They can bloom throughout the year except fall.

They are used as indoor, greenhouse and patio, terrace and balcony plants. They are ideal for hanging pots.

Nematanthus gregarius grows in full sun and semi-shade exposures. In the flowering season it prefers a light shade. They do not resist temperatures below 15 ºC (59 ºF).

They prefer a light soil based on peat, leaf mulch and perlite but can grow in normal garden soil.

Water regularly with a small amount of lukewarm lime-free water. The substrate should always be slightly damp. It is convenient that the ambient humidity is high.

Fertilize every 3 weeks with mineral houseplant fertilizer in the spring.

They do not need pruning but the tips of the stems can be cut after flowering to produce new shoots.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases but they can be attacked by mealybugs if they suffer from drought or the humidity is low.

They are easily propagated from 5 cm (1.96") cuttings; Rooting in a glazed seedling on a substrate made of sand and peat. They are also propagated from seeds sown in the spring in a hot greenhouse.

Images of the indoor plant Nematanthus gregarius or Clog plant

Nematanthus gregarius
Nematanthus gregarius
Nematanthus gregarius