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Care of the plant Rhigozum obovatum or Yellow pomegranat.

Care of the tree Rhigozum obovatum or Yellow pomegranat

The genus Rhigozum, family Bignoniaceae, comprises 11 species of trees native to southern Africa. Some species are: Rhigozum obovatum, Rhigozum trichotomum, Rhigozum spinosum, Rhigozum brevispinosum.

Common names: Karoo rhigozum, Karoo gold, Yellow pomegranat. This species is native to South Africa.

They are small trees or thorny, evergreen shrubs that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) in height. They have grayish-green trifoliate leaves. The abundant and showy yellow flowers are trumpet-shaped. They bloom in spring and then produce hanging pod-shaped fruit.

They are used for informal hedges or screens, in rockery, as isolated specimens and as a background in bushy groups.

Rhigozum obovatum can grow in full sun or semi-shade exposure. It's quite resistant to frost.

They can grow in stony, dry and poor soils but prefer a well-drained substrate that contains organic matter (compost).

They are very resistant to drought plants that require low maintenance and occasional watering, always waiting for the substrate to be dry.

Fertilize with compost in late winter.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants very resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess watering.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring or summer; germinate in 20 days.

Images of the tree Rhigozum obovatum or Yellow pomegranat

Rhigozum obovatum
Rhigozum obovatum
Rhigozum obovatum
Rhigozum obovatum