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Care of the plant Rebutia minuscula or Orange Snowball.

Care of the cactus Rebutia minuscula or Orange Snowball

The genus Rebutia, family Cactaceae, includes 40 species of cactus native to Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. Some species are: Rebutia minuscula, Rebutia krainziana, Rebutia heliosa, Rebutia deminuta, Rebutia cv Sunrise (cultivar), Rebutia canigueralii, Rebutia muscula, Rebutia arenacea, Rebutia albiflora, Rebutia perplexa.

Common names: Violet Crown Cactus, Red crown Cactus, Fire Crown Cactus, White-haired Crown, Little Mouse, Orange Snowball. Scientific synonyms: Rebutia senilis, Rebutia grandiflora, Echinopsis minuscula. This species is native to Argentina.

They are small cacti with a bright green globose body with a somewhat flattened apex that produce suckers at the base. They have tubers instead of ribs that are arranged in a spiral. The spines (up to 25 per areola) are weak and small. They produce showy, abundant and attractive red, orange or purple flowers. They bloom from spring to early summer.

These easy-to-grow plants are used in pots and planters due to their small size.

Rebutia minuscula prefers a semi-shade exposure but can grow in full sun. It's better that the temperature does not drop below 3 ºC (37.4 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture, in the same proportions, of coarse sand, peat and leaf mulch or a commercial substrate for cacti and succulents. The transplant is done in early spring.

Water regularly in spring and summer waiting for the substrate to dry; reducing watering in fall and not watering in winter.

Fertilize once with mineral fertilizer for cacti and succulents in spring.

Pruning is not necessary.

The main enemies are overwatering and mites if the heat is excessive.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring in a slightly damp porous substrate.

Images of the cactus Rebutia minuscula or Orange Snowball

Rebutia minuscula