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Care of the plant Primula acaulis or Primrose.

Care of the plant Primula acaulis or Primrose

The genus Primula, family Primulaceae, comprises 500 species of perennial plants native to the Northern Hemisphere; there are many hybrids and varieties. Some species are: Primula aucalis, Primula obconica, Primula officinalis, Primula sieboldii, Primula denticulata, Primula capitata, Primula aurantiaca.

Common names: Primrose, English primrose, Common primrose. This species is native to western and southern Europe.

They are small perennial herbaceous plants that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. They form basal rosettes of orbicular lanceolate leaves, from the center of which part a floral stem with flowers that can be blue, white, red, yellow, pink, etc. They bloom in spring.

They are used to form groups in semi-shady or shady areas of the garden and in pots as indoor plants and for balcony or terrace.

Primula acaulis needs a semi-shade exposure; indoors they need a lighted location. The temperature should not be less than 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil must be fertile (rich in humus) and have good drainage. Planting or transplanting is done after flowering.

They are plants very sensitive to drought and excessive watering (never waterlogging). It's advisable to wait until the surface of the substrate has dried.

Fertilize weekly with mineral fertilizer during the flowering season.

They are not usually attacked by pests if there is not excess watering or suffer from drought.

They are propagated by seeds sown in spring.

Images of the plant Primula acaulis or Primrose

Primula acaulis
Primula acaulis
Primula acaulis
Primula acaulis