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Care of the plant Polyscias fruticosa or Ming aralia.

Care of the indoor plant Polyscias fruticosa or Ming aralia

The genus Polyscias, family Araliaceae, comprises 100 species of shrubs and trees native to tropical regions of the Pacific and Australia. Some species are: Polyscias fruticosa, Polyscias balfouriana, Polyscias filicifolia.

Common names: Ming aralia, Chinese aralia. This species is native to Southeast Asia and tropical islands of the Pacific region.

They are slow-growing dwarf trees that reach 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height. They have lobed evergreen leaves of deep green color. It's not usual for them to flourish; the flowers are small and white (they are not decorative).

They are used as indoor and greenhouse plants. In tropical and subtropical climates they are used as isolated specimens or in small groups.

The Polyscias fruticosa needs an illuminated exposure without receiving the sun directly; outdoors, place them in semi-shade. They do not resist temperatures below 13 ºC (55.4 ºF); A winter rest period at 18-20 ºC (64-68 ºF) is recommended.

The soil can be a mixture, in equal parts, of peat, coarse sand, and leaf mulch. The transplant is done every 1-2 springs to a pot a larger measure.

It's very important that there is high humidity: spray the plant every day in summer with lime-free water and place a tray with damp stones under the pot. Water regularly waiting for the surface part of the substrate to dry; reduce watering in winter.

They accept light pruning to maintain an elegant appearance.

Fertilize every 2 weeks with mineral fertilizer in spring and summer.

They are not easy to grow plants because they can be attacked by mites, mealybugs and aphids if the humidity is low, by fungi if there is excess watering and they can lose leaves if the light and humidity conditions are not correct.

They are propagated by cuttings but it's a complicated process; it's advisable to acquire new plants in nurseries or garden centers.

Images of the indoor plant Polyscias fruticosa or Ming aralia

Polyscias fruticosa
Polyscias fruticosa