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Care of the plant Opuntia subulata or Eve's Needle Cactus.

Care of the cactus Opuntia subulata or Eve's Needle Cactus

The genus Opuntia, family Cactaceae, includes some 300 species of cacti originating in Mexico, the USA and Central and South America. Some species are: Opuntia subulata, Opuntia spinulifera, Opuntia santa-rita, Opuntia rufida, Opuntia robusta, Opuntia polyacantha, Opuntia microdasys, Opuntia linguiformis, Opuntia leucotricha, Opuntia engelmannii, Opuntia bergeriana, Opuntia ficus-indica, Opuntia lindheimeri, Opuntia durangensis, Opuntia valida, Opuntia macrocentra, Opuntia chlorotica, Opuntia atrispina, Opuntia auberi, Opuntia phaeacantha, Opuntia vestita.

Common names: Eve's Needle, Cane Cholla, Eve's Pin, Eve's Needle Cactus, Eve's Pin Cactus, Long Spine Cactus, Eve's-pin prickleypear. Scientific synonyms: Austrocylindropuntia subulata, Cylindropuntia subulata. This species is native to Peru.

They are cacti with a branched columnar bearing and a cylindrical trunk that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) in height. In the young plants fleshy leaves sprout in the form of a thick thorn that later disappear. The real spines are yellowish and 7 cm (2.75") long and have glochids. The flowers are 7 cm (2.75") long and orange-red in color. They bloom from mid-spring to early summer.

They are used as isolated specimens, in rockeries, in cactus and succulent gardens and in large pots for terraces and patios.

Opuntia subulata needs full sun exposure and a hot, dry climate. They resist cold up to 4 ºC (39.2 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture, in equal parts, of coarse sand and leaf mulch or a commercial substrate for cacti.

Water moderately all year long waiting for the substrate to dry. Do not water in winter.

They do not need pruning or fertilizers.

They are plants resistant to diseases, pests and drought but sensitive to overwatering.

They are propagated by cuttings in summer or late spring and by seeds sown in early spring.

Images of the cactus Opuntia subulata or Eve's Needle Cactus

Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata minor
Opuntia subulata
Opuntia subulata