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Care of the plant Myriophyllum aquaticum or Parrot's-feather.

Care of the aquatic plant Myriophyllum aquaticum or Parrot's-feather

The genus Myriophyllum, family Haloragaceae, comprises 40 species of aquatic plants distributed over almost all continents. Some species are: Myriophyllum aquaticum, Myriophyllum spicatum, Myriophyllum alterniflorum, Myriophyllum verticillatum.

Common names: Parrot's-feather, Parrot feather watermilfoil. This species is native to the amazon basin.

They are aquatic or semiaquatic plants with thick but fragile stems from which sprout leaves divided into 12-14 pairs of linear segments that reach 2 cm (0.78") in length. They do not usually bloom outside of their natural habitat.

These fast-growing plants are often used in aquariums, in ponds, as a houseplant or as a terrace plant in pots.

The Myriophyllum aquaticum grows in semi-shade or shade exposures. It does not resist temperatures below 10 ºC (50 ºF).

They can grow directly in water but prefer nutrient-rich soil with plenty of peat.

If they are grown in a pot, water frequently so that the substrate never dries up; place the pot in another container with water.

They do not need fertilizers.

Growth must be controlled so that they do not become invasive plants.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They propagate from stems that have emitted adventitious roots; they are treated as cuttings.

Images of the aquatic plant Myriophyllum aquaticum or Parrot's-feather

Myriophyllum aquaticum
Myriophyllum aquaticum
Myriophyllum aquaticum