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Care of the plant Geranium palmatum or Canary Island Cranesbill.

Care of the plant Geranium palmatum or Canary Island Cranesbill

The genus Geranium, family Geraniaceae, includes more than 400 species of herbaceous plants native to Asia, the Mediterranean region, and North America. Some species are: Geranium palmatum, Geranium incanum, Geranium sanguineum, Geranium argenteum, Geranium pratense, Geranium tuberosum, Geranium nepalense.

Common names: Canary Island Cranesbill, Canary Island geranium. This species is native to the Canary Islands.

They are sub-shrubby plants with a tussock bearing that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height. The long petiole lobed leaves have 5 deep green leaflets. The showy 5-petal flowers are pink. They bloom from mid-spring to early fall.

They are used in rockeries, on borders and in pots for balconies and terraces due to their easy cultivation and the long duration of the flowering period.

Geranium palmatum grows in full sun and semi-shade exposures. They do not resist frost.

The soil can be a normal garden soil with 20% organic matter. Planting is done in spring.

Water regularly but with a small amount of water, preventing the substrate from drying out completely (never waterlogging); reduce watering in winter.

Fertilize in spring and summer with mineral fertilizer every 30 days.

Prune flower stems after flowering.

They are plants sensitive to root rot due to overwatering.

They are propagated from seed sown in a glass-topped nursery in the spring.

Images of the plant Geranium palmatum or Canary Island Cranesbill

Geranium palmatum
Geranium palmatum