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Care of the plant Leuchtenbergia principis or Agave cactus.

Care of the cactus Leuchtenbergia principis or Agave cactus

The genus Leuchtenbergia, family Cactaceae, includes a single species of cactus native to Mexico: Leuchtenbergia principis.

Common names: Agave cactus, Prism cactus.

They are curious cacti, simple or tussock, with the appearance of Agave, thick root and short stem that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height. The long tubers reach 12 cm (4.7") in length. The spines, flexible like thick bristles, appear in the areoles on the outside of the tubers. They produce attractive large yellow flowers with reddish tones.

They are used in pots and deep planters as indoor, greenhouse, patio and terrace plants; in frost-free regions they are used in rockeries.

Leuchtenbergia principis needs full sun exposure and a dry, warm, frost-free climate.

The soil can be a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand. In the case of transplantation, it is done in early spring.

Always water moderately, waiting for the substrate to be well dry. In autumn water once every 25-30 days and do not water in winter.

They do not require pruning or fertilizers.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess humidity. It is important that they have good ventilation if they are grown indoors.

They propagate from seeds, by separation of suckers or by cuttings of tubers; the latter system is not always satisfactory.

Images of the cactus Leuchtenbergia principis or Agave cactus

Leuchtenbergia principis
Leuchtenbergia principis
Leuchtenbergia principis