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Care of the plant Erica hyemalis or French heather.

Care of the indoor plant Erica hyemalis or French heather

The genus Erica, family Ericaceae, comprises 700 species of shrubs native to Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean region. Some species are: Erica hyemalis, Erica gracillis, Erica arborea, Erica umbellata, Erica multiflora, Erica erigena.

Common names: Cape heath, French heather.

They are erect or hanging shrubs that reach 60 cm (1.96 feet) in height. They have tiny needle-shaped leaves and abundant tubular flowers in pinkish-white clusters. They bloom in winter.

They are used as indoor plants and on terraces and balconies. The hanging variety is very decorative.

The Erica hyemalis needs a very illuminated exposure but without direct sun and cool temperatures (annual averages of 13-20 ºC/55-68 ºF).

It is very important that the soil is acidic (2 parts of peat and 1 of coarse sand, for example); they do not tolerate calcareous soils.

Water with lime-free water so that the substrate is always damp but without puddling.

Fertilize with liquid mineral fertilizer every 20 days from late spring to late summer.

Prune after flowering to remove faded flowers.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases; they are sensitive to lime water and alkaline soil. If there is excess watering, they can lose leaves.

They propagate from cuttings.

Images of the indoor plant Erica hyemalis or French heather

Erica hyemalis
Erica hyemalis
Erica hyemalis