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Care of the plant Echinops ritro or Southern globethistle.

Care of the plant Echinops ritro or Southern globethistle

The genus Echinops, family Asteraceae, comprises 200 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants native to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. Some species are: Echinops ritro, Echinops adenocaulos, Echinops spinosissimus, Echinops exaltatus, Echinops niveus, Echinops sphaerocephalus.

Common names: Southern globethistle, Globe Thistle. This species is native to central Asia, the Middle East, and central and southern Europe.

They are perennial plants that reach 60 cm (23.62") in height. They have lobed and spiny leaves of an intense green color on the upper surface and grayish on the underside. The most interesting are its showy blue flowers that appear in spherical heads. They bloom during the summer.

They are used for wild gardens, for groups and beds, for rockeries and for arid and dry areas of the garden. They can also be used as a cut flower.

The Echinops ritro prefers full sun exposure but can also grow in semi-shade. Resists frost.

The soil can be a normal garden substrate with 20% sand to drain well; it can be grown in poor but very well drained soils.

Water moderately at the rate of once every 4 days or waiting for the substrate to dry well.

They do not need fertilizers.

It's convenient to prune withered flowers.

They are resistant plants to the habitual plagues but sensitive to the excess of irrigation.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or by division in late winter or fall. They have a tendency to self-propagate by seeds.

Images of the plant Echinops ritro or Southern globethistle

Echinops ritro
Echinops ritro
Echinops ritro
Echinops ritro